Guest/s on arrival must sign the following disclaimer, the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa recommends this indemnity. In the case of a group of people, a representative must sign the document for and on behalf of all members in the group.The Proprietors (Owners), its agent/s and/or its employee/s shall not be liable for, any claims of whatever nature including but not limited to that of theft, injury, loss, or damage of whatever nature against the Proprietors, whether arising from the Proprietor’s default, negligence or otherwise. 

The guest/s in addition to the above, hereby indemnify the Proprietor’s against any claims which may / are from whatever nature, whether arising from the Proprietor’s default, negligence or otherwise.

Desert Wind Farm had taken every reasonable precaution to ensure your enjoyment, comfort and especially safety whilst visiting Desert Wind Farm. You however acknowledge and agree that there may be risks associated with your stay. By signing this form on your arrival at Desert Wind, you accept those risks.

Fire extinguishers and first aid is available at the office.

Children and Guest Behavior
Guest should not cause other guests discomfort in any way. The owners have sole discretion in determining whether behavior is acceptable or not. The Owners’ reserve the right of admission, and should guests behaved inappropriately steps will be taken.

Desert Wind Farm or the owners donot accept any liability for loss of, or damage to any valuables or property belonging to guests or their visitors. It is therefore the sole responsibility of all guests to make arrangementsfor adequate insurance coverage, on all valuable items prior to arrival at the Farm. This includes, but is not limited to, photographic equipment, laptops or other electronic devices, jewelry, cash and vehicles.

Swimming Pool, Animals and play-park
Any guest/s or their visitors using the swimming pool and surrounding area are utilizing such facilities entirely at their own risk and that they are fully aware that there are no life-saving facilities of any nature provided. Therefore, guests indemnify Desert Wind Farm and the owners of this facility in full and shall have no claim of whatsoever nature against Desert Wind Farm and the owners including any claim, from any injury / bodily harm / death and or / loss of property which could arise from the use of this facility. 

Desert wind Farm will not be responsible for any injuries or damages incurred while on the premises or playing on the play park, swings or any other items in the play park.

The use of the premises and viewing / touching of animals is at your own risk. An adult must accompany children at all times.

4×4 Drives, Cycling, Hiking & Outdoor activities
Any 4×4 drives, cycling, hiking or any outdoor activity is taken at own risk. Supervision of children is the sole responsibility of their caretakers. Desert Wind farm will not be held responsible for any injuries, loss, damages or death.

Loss or Damage to Desert Wind Farm
Should Desert Wind Farm suffer any loss, damages, because of an act or omission by a guest or visitor of a guest, the guest will remain liable for full reimbursement of such loss, or damage incurred. Desert Wind Farm will provide invoice for settlement.

Right of Admission Reserved
Desert Wind Farm at all times reserves the full right of admission and accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may result from the legal and reasonable exercising of such rights.

For the comfort of our guests, Desert Wind Farm is a strictly non-smoking accommodation establishment except for outside guest areas.

Firearms are forbidden on the premises for the safety of all.

Check-in / Check-out Times
Check in:  14h00 – Checkout: 10h00

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions
Guests must accept the terms and conditions of Desert Wind Farm and its Proprietor’s, on behalf of themselves, their family / group/ party staying with them at Desert Wind Farm. 

Guests will be required to fill out and sign a copy of the Indemnity and Disclaimer on their arrival at Desert Wind Farm.